Essential oil blend "Children's Bug Bugaboo"

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5 ml
essential oil blend, pure. Code: 47743045
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50 ml
Spray. Code: 4772072002164
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10 ml
essential oil blend, pure. Code: 47743052

The most popular and useful essential oil blend for changing seasons! For kids and the whole family.

Choose out of two options:

- PURE essential oil blend or

- SPRAY – exact essential oil blend in a form of spray, diluted in chamomile hydrolate and 20% v/v alcohol.

„Children’s Bug Bugaboo“ - is an essential oil synergy which combines Rosalina, Tea Tree, Pine, Thyme, Eucaliptus and Palmarosa oils. It unfolds in a refreshing Tea Tree and Eucalyptus scent with warm Rosalina and Palmarosa undertones.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Air purifier & freshener
  • For children during season change.

Consists of (pure essential oils):

  • Rosalina essential oil (Melaleuca ericifolia)
  • Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
  • Thyme essential oil (Thymus zygis)
  • Pine essential oil (Pinus silvestris)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (Ecucalyptus radiata)
  • Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martinii var. Motia)

SPRAY consists of: essential oils names above 5%, Chamomile hydrolat 80%, alcohol 96%.

„Children’s Bugs Bugaboo“ - one of the best essential oil blend for changing seasons. It is recommended to use as an air purifier in sickrooms, at home, kindergarten classes, workplaces; for inhalations; foot massage, foot baths; use it as a surface, floor cleaner. Caution: avoid using pure blend without dilution.


  • blend is diluted with a hydrolat in low concentration, suitable for air freshening in the rooms of our smallest ones;
  • spray the baby carriage, older children’s clothing;
  • can be used as a hand rub in adults;
  • SHAKE WELL before every use. Keep away from the face and eyes. May be irritating used directly on the skin.


  • Air purifier & freshener. It works perfectly in diffusers, humidifiers, aromatic lamps. If you do not have one, you can easily put few drops on a napkin and place it around your home in warm places, eg. heaters. It’s a perfect way to clean the air during the cold season in sickrooms, bedrooms, common areas. Also use it to clean the floor just by adding few drops in the water.
  • Protection. Before leaving home put few drops on clothing – scarfs, sleeves, around the collar, on the chest area. This will create a protective shield letting you and your children to breath in the aromatic molecules.
  • Aromatic baths. Put few drops of this blend into a hot foot bath. Caution: essential oils are not soluble in water, use a glass of milk, a spoin of salt or honey as a solvent.
  • Inhalation. Heat up some water in the pot (not boiling), put 3-5 drops of this blend, bend over the pot and enjoy the aromatic steam. (don’t miss out on the same effect while doing a hot foot bath!)
  • Massage. Mix 3-4 drops of this blend into any carrier oil for massage. Use for rubbing the back, chest or foot. Children love foot massage before bedtime.

This combination of essential oils is safe for children, however it’s not recommended to use the blend for massage or baths for babies under 3 months old. For the youngest ones it will be enough to lightly spread the oils in the air (diffusing, cleaning the floor etc.). For older babies and children, if needed consult a specialist and use a specific safety concentration for topical application – dilute essential oils in any carrier oil for babies 0,5%, children 1-2%. This is not a certified biocide. 

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