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Bioactive oils, hydrolats, cosmetics and aromatherapy products from local Lithuanian plants

Could there be anything better? Try to use as many products from local plants as possible. Plants from the same environment and ecosystem are believed to be the most health-friendly and effective.

No one would argue that French lavender, Bulgarian roses or Somali frankincense all smell wonderful and are certainly among the most important phyto-aromatherapy plants. But Lithuanian plants are no worse and no less effective! And you don't have to travel far to transport them, and the CO2 footprint of such products is much smaller.

That is why we collect and distil Neringa's mountain pine (Pinus mugo Turra), buds of Aukštaitija birch (Betula spp.), fir (Picea abies) from Aukštadvaris and use them to produce products that are loved by so many of you: 

We buy various aromatic herbs from an organic farm in Suvalkija, from which we make hydrolats, phytols and our famous Carrot-Yarrow Moisturiser

And our most popular aromatherapy blends are made with the essential oil of Lithuanian pine, Pinus sylvestris:

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