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At the end of the 20th century architects began talking about wide prospects of the union between fragrance and architecture. However, modern architects did not uncover something radically new.

Babylonian Ziggurats were known for hosting fragrant smoke, Egyptian temples and noblemen's houses were sunk in fragrances, Greeks used crocus at the Athenian amphitheatre, whereas Romans poured rose petals on their guests or entertained them by dipping wings of pigeons into rosewater before letting them hover above their heads.

First of all, let us realize that all spaces we dwell in have some kind of scent. Even if do not see smells, they are a tangible and material substance, directly and meaningfully affecting our understanding of space. 

There are many reasons why architectural spaces lost the element of smell. The simplest explanation would be that smell is invisible and therefore complicated to visualize using design or architectural tools.
However, now we stand at a different corner of history and must get ready for the return of fragrances to our lives and becoming a part of our daily existence.

We ought to take a step from the white, shiny, polished and cold spaces, and use smells to create this invisible, fragile, dynamic and ever changing living space, which would dictate and even impose emotions to recreate memories, to infuse joy and pain. Only such space, through opening like our own inner spaces, can create benevolent environment for living, resting and working, and not be a cause of neuroses.

Fragrance is a subtle and invisible space creating material, responsible for arousing our other, less developed senses. 

These fragrances are manufactured for several years now. They diffuse in certain trajectories and for a fixed period of time, therefore we can put them into certain categories. 

Our 100 % natural interior fragrances, or home fragrances are produced strictly only from natural essential oils, absolutes, tictures, natural isolates and food grade alcohol, and are available in spray and drops forms.

You can choose a scent for a variety of spaces: from cosy bedroom to your car or spacious sitting room, to office, beauty salon or boutique.

Fragrance sprays are diffused by a few squeezes into air. They may also be used to perfume wardrobes, textiles, bed covers, dried-flower ir pot-pourri compositions and passive diffusers of ceramics, wood etc. (be careful - may stain bright color textiles and surfaces)

Fragrance drops are actually essence of perfume and may be used in essential oil diffusors like Aromastone, Aromastream, ultrasonic essential oil diffusors and passive diffusers made of ceramics, wood, wool etc. , dried-flower ir pot-pourri compositions.