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Welcome to the Kvapų namai!

Let's get to know each other:

Kvapų namai - the largest specialized laboratory of aromatherapy products and natural fresh cosmetics in Lithuania. We have accumulated more than 15 years of experience - we officially started our activities in 2007.

Our mission is to provide people with healthy and clean aromatherapy and cosmetic products. What is special about the products of the Kvapų namai?

We create with respect for the plant, the earth, and the person

1. Made from 100% natural, safe, tested plant materials

2. Freshly produced cosmetics that do not disturb the natural skin microbiome without preservatives and emulsifiers

3. Original creation of qualified specialists in aromatherapy, pharmacy, chemistry, cosmetology, and perfumeery.

We personally ensure the highest quality

4. Designed and manufactured in Lithuania, using sustainable, environmentally friendly production principles

5. We test every batch of raw materials in our own laboratory to ensure that Kvapų namų products are safe - without impurities, pollutants, phthalates or pesticides

6. We prefer raw materials from wild, organically and sustainably grown plants, and most of our essential oils come from small farms and cooperatives.