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For dry skin: 100% natural products preservative-free hydrolates, serums and creams. For dry skin, we highly recommend a minimalist routine: hydrolates + unrefined oils.

In the laboratory of Kvapų namai, we were the first to develop and are the only ones in Lithuania to produce fresh creams without preservatives and emulsifiers from 100% natural materials. They help the skin's microbiota to recover, quickly restoring disrupted skin functions and giving a new feeling of moisture, lightness and freshness.

The essential advantage of fresh natural cosmetics they PROTECT THE SKIN'S ECOSYSTEM, without killing the skin's natural microbiota > the skin's protective properties are strengthened > redness, dandruff and sensitivity are reduced > the skin is healthier and more beautiful.

Fresh is defined as a cream made for immediate daily consumption, where preservatives and emulsifiers are not necessary to ensure the stability of the cream. Natural extracts and essential oils have antimicrobial properties, creating a microbial-free environment in these creams. 

Creams without beeswax last up to 3 months, creams with beeswax up to 6 months and serums up to 12 months.