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Rosemary Hydrolat Salvia rosmarinus, cht. camphor

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100 ml
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bot. Salvia rosmarinus, cht. camphor

Many authors agree that properties of pure rosemary hydrolat cannot be overestimated. In particular, it is a hydrolat for oily skin and acne. It cleanses and softens the skin, preventing the accumulation of all kinds of impurities. Rosemary hydrolat is also very valuable for hair care, as it is a traditional remedy used to stop hair loss and dandruff. 

  • Excellent aromatherapy quality - tested in the in-house lab, including GC-MS
  • Organic
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Without preservatives - does not disrupt the microbiota
  • Excellent microbiological quality, verified by the in-house microbiology lab
  • Vegan
  • From wild plants
  • For pregnant
  • pH: 3.5-4.9
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily/Combination skin
  • Acne and Pimple
  • For Hair.

In cosmetics, rosemary hydrolat is used as:

  • as a tonic, astringent and skin cleanser;
  • a hair care product that can help with hair loss and dandruff;
  • regulating sebum secretion, which is why rosemary water is considered to be best suited for oily and combination skin, and can also help with acne.

Rosemary hydrolat is an indispensable ingredient in tonics and lotions, and is particularly suitable for mixing with clay in masks for oily, dirty and combination skin.

Rosemary hydrolat can also be used to maintain well-being. Therefore, rosemary hydrolat is highly recommended by specialists for those who lack energy, have difficulty concentrating and remembering things. For teenagers affected by acne. And for those who cannot get rid of their overly pessimistic attitude, their overcritical attitude, those who lack mental flexibility.

RECIPE with rosemary hydrolat for hair washing:

1 tbsp. 1 gassoul clay
1 tbsp. 1 (or more) rosemary hydrolat
10 drops of atlas cedar essential oil

Mix a tablespoon of gassoul clay with rosemary hydrolate (1 tbsp. of rosemary water is sufficient. If you want a more liquid clay porridge, dilute with plain water). Once you have the right consistency of clay and water, add up to ten drops of satin cedar essential oil and you have the perfect wash that your hair will thank you for...

Rosemary water is a traditional product in Mediterranean cuisine. Housewives are happy to add a spoonful of it to soup or to baste vegetable stews.


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Natural facial care is unthinkable without hydrolates. They are sprayed on the skin as soothers, tonics or moisturisers. We use hydrolats in the production of ALL our creams, emulsions and shampoos instead of plain water. Using hydrolates for skin care:

  • as a tonic  spritz on the face and allow to dry, do not wipe off; spray on the skin as soon as you feel it needs it: please your face at least a few times a day if you are in air-conditioned rooms, on hot summer days, after sunbathing; allow to soak in and dry by itself.
  • as a moisturiser  spritz your face and apply cream or oil without waiting for it to dry;
  • as a cleanser  wash your face with the hydrolat in the morning, especially if your skin is sensitive to tap water. Spray liberally over the face, wiping with a wet tampon (does not remove make-up); spritz over the face to complete the make-up removal procedure; allow to dry naturally to allow the skin to soak up the plant's wonderful bioactive compounds.
  • there are no restrictions on use;
  • store in a dark, cool place tightly closed;

CAUTION! Temperatures of 0°C and below may be hazardous to the hydrolat. At these temperatures, we recommend that you purchase your hydrolats in store, as parcel services cannot always provide optimal conditions for product transport.

  • bottle: glass
  • cap/atomiser: plastic
  • label: plastic PVC

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naudoju rozmarinų hodrolatą plaukams - purškiu vietoj kondicionieriaus po plovimo, šiaip vidury dienos, kai plaukai praranda savo formą ir pradeda veltis. labai padeda suvaldyti greitai nesiveliančius ir neišsisukuojančius plaukus. labai rekomenduoju!


Išbandžiau rozmarinų hidrolatą plaukams. Ryte galvos oda jautėsi sukaitusi, riebi. Pasipurškiau galvos odą hidrolatu ir dabar jaučiasi gaivesnė. Super!


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