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Rockrose essential oil Cistus ladanifer

12,10 €
3 ml
Jara labdanum, organic, Spain. Code: 47732186

The essential oil of Rockrose is called ambra by many. It is hard to believe that a plant can smell so peculiar and unusual. There's a reason why the world's perfumers are so enamoured of it it smells of saddle leather, smoke, balsamic wood and sweet and sour dried fruit all in one.

The cistus ladanifer (bot. cistus ladanifer, Spanish jara, English rockrose, cistus) is a plant endemic to Andalusia and Portugal with glossy, sticky leaves covered in a fragrant resin called labdanum. The essential oil of the plant is distilled from the aerial part of the plant and the labdanum absolute is extracted from the collected resin.

In addition to its perfumery fame, the plantain is also an excellent cosmetic-aromatherapeutic product, e.g. highly recommended for reddened skin with dilated capillaries. And the Spanish drink morning glory tea when they are attacked by the symptoms of a cold just like we drink thyme.

  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Air purifier & freshener
  • Sauna Rituals
  • For children during colds season
  • Dilated Capillaries
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Perfumery note: middle.
  • in the cold season, as an expectorant, antimicrobial and warming agent;
  • as a cosmetic ingredient for flushed skin with dilated capillaries;
  • for minor abrasions and lesions on the skin, as a first aid kit;
  • stimulates skin and mucous membrane regeneration;
  • soothes wounds of the soul. 

Not all the properties of this product are mentioned here. Unfortunately, due to EU regulation of health claims, we cannot inform you in detail, even if the benefits of this product are scie

  • do not use on fresh skin as it may cause irritation; dilute with vegetable oil or butter;
  • protect eyes;
  • effects on pregnant and lactating women are unknown; essential oils should be avoided for the first 3 months of pregnancy and for infants up to 3 months of age unless necessary.
  • despite the high phyto-, aromatherapeutic quality of this oil, the aromatherapy community cannot recommend internal use for therapeutic purposes, but such use is possible if prescribed by a phyto/ aromatherapist;
  • do not use on cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles (evaporate in small quantities at home or use on your own); do not use on dogs, horses, muzzle, genitals, vaccinate;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a medicine;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a biocide;
  • keep tightly closed in a dark, cool place.
  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: plastic
  • label: paper or plastic PVC

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