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Geranium essential oil Pelargonium graveolens

Republic of South Africa
11,10 €
5 ml
Bourbon, organic, Congo, Pelargonium graveolens. Code: 47733992
12,10 €
5 ml
organic, Rose Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens. Code: 47734012

bot. Pelargonium roseum x asperum 


Pelargonium essential oil is very popular in both aromatherapy and perfumery. It has a very pleasant, mild, sweet, fruity, floral, even rose-like scent. Pelargonium essential oil is liquid, clear, sometimes yellowish, green or brownish-green. 

The scent of Bourbon geranium essential oil is sweet, rich and fruity.

Rose geranium essential oil has a delicate fragrance of tea roses. Pleasant geraniums are often called pink geraniums because the geraniol and eugenol in their essential oil are indeed reminiscent of the scent of roses.

  • Without phthalates
  • Organic
  • Air purifier & freshener
  • Sauna Rituals
  • For children during season change
  • Relaxing
  • Dilated Capillaries
  • Anti-cellulite
  • For Hair
  • Outdoor
  • Perfumery note: middle.

Not surprisingly, geranium essential oil smells very pleasant. Its main active ingredients are the alcoholic monoterpenols citronellol, geraniol and nerol and the esters citronellol and geranyl formates. Pelargonium essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy and its properties are well researched.

The high concentration of aromatic alcohols in geranium essential oil gives these cosmetic products the skin properties valued by the industry:

  • purifying;
  • regenerating;
  • toning and astringent.

Effects on emotions

  • calming, uplifting,
  • boosts self-confidence,
  • improves concentration and concentration,
  • helps to cope with extreme mood swings, tension, tearfulness and sadness,
  • alleviates problems caused by hormonal fluctuations and is therefore particularly recommended for adolescents,
  • may help to balance hormones during the menopause, relieves PMS.

Not all the properties of this product are mentioned here. Unfortunately, due to EU regulation of health claims, we cannot inform you in detail, even if the benefits of this product are scientifically proven.

  • for slimming massage, as it helps to remove water from the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • as an excellent tonic for general fatigue;
  • as a soothing product for the joints.

Apply to the solar plexus, occiput and chest (5-10 drops) or to problem areas and joints. For deep fatigue: dilute 3 drops in base oil and massage along the spine.

Pelargonium essential oil is a multifunctional ingredient in cosmetic products. It is a multifunctional product for maintaining the youth and freshness of the skin, for dry skin caused by a damaged skin barrier and as a respiratory agent.

  • for problem skin  acne, acne, etc. ;
  • as a tonic for veins and capillaries for redness, couperose;
  • as a soothing agent for irritated skin. Particularly suitable for softening the skin with a few drops of essential oil.

Pelargonium essential oil creates synergies:

  • for slimming massage, mix with lemon, juniper, cedarwood essential oils;
  • for eliminating unpleasant odours, with lavender, sage, marjoram essential oils;
  • for perfuming and cleaning the environment, blend with lavender, lauric, rosewood, marjoram, eucalyptus, thyme essential oils.
  • do not use on fresh skin as it may cause irritation; dilute with vegetable oil or butter;
  • protect eyes;
  • effects on pregnant and lactating women are unknown; essential oils should be avoided for the first 3 months of pregnancy and for infants up to 3 months of age unless necessary.
  • despite the high phyto-, aromatherapeutic quality of this oil, the aromatherapy community cannot recommend internal use for therapeutic purposes, but such use is possible if prescribed by a phyto/ aromatherapist;
  • do not use on cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles (evaporate in small quantities at home or use on your own); do not use on dogs, horses, muzzle, genitals, vaccinate;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a medicine;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a biocide;
  • keep tightly closed in a dark, cool place.
  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: plastic
  • label: paper or plastic PVC

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