Hydrosols (aromatic waters) are ideal for the skin, especially the face skin, care. They can be used as a component of creams, lotions, cleaning milks, masks as well as by oneself as skin refreshing means, tonics and moisturizers.

Over the past decades people show interest in hydrolats and other products of aromatic water again. Water is distinguished by a particular feature to accept information (in this case from a live plant), store and transfer it into the human body mostly consisting of water.

Hydrolsols sometimes are called “homeopathy” of aromatherapy on a reasonable basis because they supplement aromatherapy making synergies with essential oils (although they contain very small quantity of melted essential oil). It is widely recognized thatsoft distilled plant waters of high quality are among the safest therapeutic materials. They are the save alternative in any case.

Well tolerated, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agents dominate in hydrolats. Distilled plant waters smell likely as the analogous essential oil but less intensively, although smell of some hydrolats is not such pleasant as essential oil analogue.

It is also true, that distilled plants waters “live in harmony” with essential oils, i. e. they both may be used together in order to improve influence of essential oils. Hydrolats by oneself act more softly and on another level. Applying them to your skin, you notice effect after longer time than using “activists” essential oils.

However these natural, high quality “potential waters” are subtle, save, and efficient under home conditions, suitable for babies, little children, seniors, and very sensitive people.