Peppermint Hydrolat (Lithuania) Mentha x piperita

8,30 €
100 ml

Pure plant distillate (hydrolate)- 100% natural product distilled from organic peppermint. 

Peppermint hydrolat - natural product for moistening, cleansing, tonifying face and body skin. May be used as a mist several times a day and to moisten skin before applying face oil or cream.


  • Organic
  • From Lithuanian plants
  • Normal skin.


Peppermint applied locally is used to soothe itching and serves as protective trophic agent for treat chapping, grazes, chafing and insect bites. In the case of oral ailments, it can be used in mouthwash. Menthol, the main component of its essential oil, is known for its antiseptics ant fungicidal properties, and creates a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. 

The pure distilling product, without alcohol, preservatives, synthetic additives and aromas, non-diluted: 

- neutralizes hard water settings on the skin;
- moistens and soothes, cherishes and harmonizes the skin;
- suitable for face washing and clearing final procedures;
- refreshes and stimulates.


  • Sprinkle on the face after the final make-up cleaning procedure; allow drying off naturally so that the skin should absorb marvelous bioactive materials of plant.
  • Wash the face with it in the morning, especially if your skin sensitively reacts to water-supply water. Moisten a tampon of cotton wool with the hydrolat and clean your face with it.
  • Sprinkle on your skin as soon as you feel the need: pamper the face several times a day if you spend time in conditioned room, also on hot summer days, after sunbaths; allow soaking into the skin and drying off naturally.
  • Can be used as a component of creams, lotions, cleaning milks, masks. 


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