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THYME MEADOW essential oils blend

11,00 €
5 ml
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THYME MEADOW essential oil blend was created for those who cannot live without Lithuanian nature, for those who’s energy was relentlessly taken by cold dark grey winter. With few drops of this blend you will turn your home into a heat filled chirping midsummer meadow with pinkish thyme landscape intermittently crossed by St. John’s wart humps and junipers, swaying young pine trees…

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Air purifier & freshener
  • For children during colds season.

Thyme essential oil enhances energy but does not irritate, has heating and desinfectant properties, lifts up from apathy, gives strength and clears out the airways. In this blend a strong thymol chemotype Thyme is complemented with Pine, Juniper Berry, St. John’s Warts, Marjoram and Caraway essential oils.

This essential oil blend works perfectly in diffusers, humidifiers, aromatic lamps at home. Use for warm steam inhalations or breathe straight from the bottle, put few drops on clothing, pillows or napkins. Wash the floor with few drops of this blend. Suitable for making balms and ointments.

Consists of (pure essential oils):

  • Thyme essential oil, thymol CT (Thymus zygis)
  • St. John’s Warts essential oil (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Caraway essential oil (Carum carvi)
  • Pine essential oil (Pinus silvestris)
  • Juniper Berry essential oil (Juniperus communis, J.oxycedrus)

Do not use straight on the skin, keep away from the eyes. Use with caution for children under 2 years old, for air freshening use as little concentration as possible, keep the bottle away from the face. This is not a certified biocide. 

  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: plastic
  • label: paper or plastic PVC

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Nuo pirmo kvapo tikra meilė????


Tooobulo pievos kvapo! Ir tikrai veikia gripo sezono metu - garinam namuos. Tik su čiobreliu atsargiau, nes grynas dirgina odą..


mano megiamiausias si sezona, su siuo kvapu namie jauku ir silta. Ir kol kas rimtai nesergam (laikau spygas)


Koooks fainas - mmm...