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Greek Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olea europaea

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100 ml
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It is a real rural oil, from the depths of the Greek countryside. The olives are harvested in a typical olive grove in southern Greece. Rich in sterols, phenolic aromatics antioxidants, flavanoids. The oil is therefore yellowish green, aromatic and fragrant, with a mild aroma of fresh herbs.

  • Organic
  • Process: Cold pressed
  • Unrefined
  • Normal skin
  • Oily/Combination skin
  • Edible.
  • used externally, it softens ear wax, kills lice, helps with wounds, minor burns, problem skin, protects against stretch marks during pregnancy, UV damage after sun exposure;
  • since ancient times, olive oil has been used in cosmetics, perfumes and ointments, and in the soaps of Aleppo, Castile and Marseille;
  • excellent on the skin, absorbs easily and has no offensive odour;
  • excellent agent for hygienic mouth rinsing (oil pulling). It helps with damaged, ulcerated oral mucosa;

For faster absorption, apply after showering or on wet skin moistened with hydrolates

  • there are no restrictions on use;
  • do not apply close to the eyes, may cause eye and skin irritation;
  • keep tightly closed in a cool dark place;
  • the amount of oil in the bottle is as indicated on the label, visual quantities may vary due to the design of the bottles. 
  • bottle: glass
  • cap: aluminium
  • label: plastic PVC

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Tiegios puikus aliejus !!! Pradžioje reikėjo priprasti, nes turi kiek savitą kartoką prieskonį (dėl polifenolio), tačiau toks ir turi būti geras aliejus... Vartoju jį kasdien ne su salotomis, bet po šaukštelį kaip papildą organizmo stiprinimui.