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Siam Benzoin Resin Styrax tonkinensis Craib

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bot. Styrax tonkinensis

Origin: Thailand

Siamese benzoin resin (like the essential oil) has a sweet, balsamic, vanilla and warm scent.

Siamese benzoic resin is used for incense and incense making; tincture making, natural perfumery. Incense is used in various purification rituals and ceremonies - Chinese, Hindu, Muslim; Catholics and Orthodox use benzoin in a mixture with frankincense, myrrh and storax.

  • 100% natural ingredients.

It has an aromatherapeutic calming and balancing effect. The pleasant balsamic-vanilla scent, which is acceptable to many, is good for the central nervous system and helps with depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress and PMS. For these purposes, it is very good when used in combination with rose essential oil. Benzoin has a soothing and stimulating effect at the same time, thus stimulating the body's tissues and organs, contracting mucus and activating circulation. Benzoin essential oil is also often used in tincture form.

It can be used alone or with other aromatic substances on hot, but not smouldering, coals.

If you are using a heat-resistant ceramic incense burner, if it is your first encounter with the scented substances and you want to get to know them through the ritual of incense, you can also use a larger flat stone (brought back from the seaside or a trip further afield), or a large sink filled with sand.

If you have one, put all the components needed for incense in a tray:

  • a sandpit (e.g. flat stone),
  • resin,
  • a natural charcoal for incense,
  • tweezers or tongs for safely spreading the resin on the charcoal, or for tilting the incense stick.

Natural charcoal is the easiest to tan from a gas stove, if you don't have one at home, you will need to light it with a candle or torch, which will take longer. If you have a fireplace and use harder woods, you can also try burning charcoal from a fireplace or fire pit. Put the finest possible crumbs of resin on the charcoal of your choice, so that the aroma of the resin lasts longer, the smell of the resin is easier and more pleasant, and there is less white, thick smoke. If the resin you have is in coarse pieces, you can crush it with your fingers, or just use a hammer or a heavier object to roll it into paper.

Incense is a more mindful process, to be present here and now, both in preparation for the incense and after the incense has been lit. Be careful with hot charcoal, do not pick it up with your fingers, use tweezers, do not leave it unattended when tanning, and do not leave it unattended while incense is being burnt, and use well-ventilated areas.

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tiesiog fantastiška, vakare smilkiau vieną pačią benzoino dervą, itin smulkiais gabalėliais apie valandą laiko, tai dar ir kitą dieną namai kvepėjo balzamiškai saldžiai, nuostabus jaukumo kvapas. Ačiū.