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Paw wax for dogs

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100% natural protective balm for pets' feet.

Do you have a pet that you don't sit at home with, even when it's cold? Winter adventurers often have one challenge - the various stimuli to their dog's paws. In extreme cold, it can be simply too cold for paws, ice sticks to them, and icy, rough surfaces irritate them. And in the city, salts with chemicals spread on the roads are a big problem. In sub-zero temperatures, these salts can be painful to the skin, cause irritation, even cause sores, etc. We have developed a remedy for this - a protective foot balm - a wax made from natural plant ingredients. 

  • For dogs feets
  • suitable for lips care
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Palm oil free
  • Raw & Vegan.

With wax, castor oil, chamomile and coriander essential oils

Many of the foot balms on the market are made from synthetic ingredients. These are not the best solution for a dog's foot skin and dogs often lick their feet.

Natural foot balms usually also have one major drawback: they are made with oils that absorb quickly, soften and smooth the skin. The skin on the feet of dogs needs to be firm and rough to withstand uneven surfaces and conditions. To keep it that way, we need a slow-absorbing protective wax that allows the skin to breathe. Of course, if the skin of the feet is already irritated and damaged, then it is possible to apply restorative ointments, but it is important to keep the skin of the feet firm and not to soften it in everyday life.

KN Foot Wax for dogs:

1) Slowly absorbs, creating a natural breathable protection that lasts longer during walks;

2) If the skin on the feet is damaged or sensitive, this balm can also be used for regeneration and soothing, thanks to the presence of rosehip, chamomile and coriander oils.

Tip: some dogs adapt easily in winter and can run around without any additional protection for their feet. However, for dogs living in the city, salt + cold can really cause problems for the skin on the feet. To avoid this, apply a balm before going outdoors and do not walk on extremely 'salty' pavements. When you get home, wash your feet thoroughly under lukewarm (not hot) water. If necessary, use special shoes.

  • For foot protection (against rough surfaces, salts, cold): apply a thick layer to the feet, between the toes, even to the inner hairs of the feet just before going outdoors.
  • For regeneration (if the skin of the feet is damaged, irritated): apply to washed, dried feet.
  • Designed for dogs' feet, but also suitable for cats; for humans, it is a great protection against wind and cold for lips.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • For external use, but it's okay if your pet gets loose once in a while.
  • Try to keep it clean so that it doesn't get caught in pet hair etc.
  • This wax balm can stain floors, carpet - apply to your pet's feet just before going outside and wash with lukewarm water or wipe with a wet towel when you get home.

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