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DEFENSIVE POWER essential oils blend

8,20 €
5 ml
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12,00 €
10 ml
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The best choice for the cold season!

100% pure, natural aromatherapy blend made out of 5 exquisite essential oils, chosen according the latest recommendations of aromatherapy professionals and scientific research to form this unique synergy. 

Powerful Tea Tree and Scots Pine oils are complemented with energizing Frankincense and Rosemary and fresh finishing touch of Lemongrass.

We recommend to use this blend for changing seasons, while being in major gathering places, sickrooms, at home and so on.

  • Excellent aromatherapy quality - tested in the in-house lab, including GC-MS
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Air purifier & freshener.

DEFENSIVE POWER is one of the best essential oil blends for changing seasons. Use it to clean and refresh the air at home, common areas at work, in sickrooms. Good for massage, aromatic baths, inhalations, cleaning the surfaces and floor.

Consists of (pure organic essential oils):

  • Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
  • Pine essential oil (Pinus silvestris)
  • Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii)
  • Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon citratus)
  • Air purifier & freshener. This blend works perfectly in diffusers, humidifiers, aromatic lamps. If you do not have one, you can easily put few drops on a napkin and place it around your home in warm places, eg. heaters. It’s an amazing way to clean the air in bedrooms, children rooms, common areas. Also use it to clean the floor just by adding few drops in the water.
  • Aromatic self protection. Surround yourself with protective essential oil molecules. In major gathering spaces, public transport inhale the scent straight from the bottle, put few drops on a mask and clothing – scarfs, sleeves, around the collar or on the chest area. DEFENSIVE POWER blend can be used as an external nose balm for maximum protection, foot and toe balm after visiting a pool or sauna. A drop on a pillow or a napkin next to bed just before going to sleep.
  • Aromatic baths. Put few drops of this blend into a hot foot bath or use it for your relaxing bath ritual. Caution: essential oils are not soluble in water, use a glass of milk, a spoon of salt or honey as a solvent.
  • Inhalation. Heat up some water in the pot (not boiling), put 3-5 drops of this blend, bend over the pot and enjoy the aromatic steam. It’s super easy and effective!
  • Massage. Mix 3-4 drops of this blend into any carrier oil for massage. Use for rubbing the back, chest, legs, foots or arm.

Do not use this essential oil blend for children under 2 years old. For older children it can be used as 1% dilution balm (in any carrier oil) for external topical use – under the nose, behind the ears, neck lymphnodes, foot. This is not a certified biocide. 

  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: plastic
  • label: plastic PVC

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