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Manufacturers of Natural Cosmetics Employ High-Tech Solutions and de facto Quality in Production

The largest manufacturer of natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products in Lithuania Kvapu Namai, Ltd. is investing in a laboratory for research and development of new products. This research equipment, valued in the excess of 136 thousand Euros, will enable analysis and selection of the best raw materials, thus ensuring the highest quality of products and allowing production of complex aromatic and cosmetic products from strictly natural ingredients.

“In the manufacturing process we use only natural materials, avoiding any technological additives, including preservatives. It requires a lot of research and experimenting to find alternative ways to ensure microbiological safety, to maintain proper consistency, texture and fragrance of the products, which is all expected now by modern consumers,” says co-owner of Kvapu Namai and expert of natural cosmetics Mrs. Ruta Daunoraviciene. “From now on we should be able to ground the efficacy of our products in research, and use only natural ingredients in the manufacturing processes. This lab will allow us to expand our range of products in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy.”

The most expensive part of the purchased equipment is a gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer (GC-MS system), used to analyse chemical composition of essential oils and other volatile materials, also in detecting allergens, pesticides, and other harmful substances, should they be present. Another piece of equipment – an olfactometer - is designed to identify various aromas and is the essential instrument for designers of aromatic products and perfumers, providing the team of aroma creators with new opportunities, more intense creative processes, and more rapid delivery of unique aromatic and perfumery products to the market. The skin analyzer should enable testing the efficacy of various cosmetic compositions, i.e. how well does the product moistens, nourishes and tightens skin. Microbiological part of the lab equipment will ensure that any possible microbiological pollution of raw materials and ready products should not exceed industry norms.

The company expert says that Kvapu Namai seeks manufacturers of raw materials independently, with no intermediaries; therefore they have to undertake themselves all the necessary testing for their purity, quality, biological activity and suitability for manufacturing of cosmetics.


“Now in possession of our own laboratory, we should be able to assure our consumers that both the plant extracts we procure, and the products we manufacture are effective and absolutely safe,” says Mrs. Ruta Daunoraviciene. “Producers of cosmetics usually buy their raw ingredients from wholesalers, who are offering a wide range of products and provide information on quality of these materials. Small farmers or cooperatives, on the other hand, have no possibilities to conduct analysis and procure proper documents to ascertain quality of their produce, yet these are our main suppliers. We are convinced that top quality plant extracts are mainly produced by such family owned farms, small growers, gatherers and processers of wild plants, whom we help through social mission of sorts: we support their work by being business partners and help sustaining their families and local communities, especially in developing countries.”

Currently research and product development lab of Kvapu Namai employs 3 new specialists: chemist/analyst, microbiologist, and dermatologist.

Total value of the project is 137 444 EUR (474 567 LTL). The largest share of the investment – 96 211 EUR (332 196 LTL) - was provided by the European Fund for Regional Development under the Operational Programme for Economic Growth: priority - Scientific Research and Technological Development in Fostering Economic Growth and Competitiveness; instrument - Intellect LT+.


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