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Pocket diffuser with essential oil blend DEFENSIVE POWER

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A personal sniffer (inhaler) is one of the safest and most effective aromatherapy tools! Turn and sniff several times a day. We have sniffed this snuff with our DEFENSIVE POWER blend, which is perfect for adults and older children during the cold season.

  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • The snuff itself is extremely safe: there is no risk of spillage, no risk of splashing, no contact with the skin and mucous membranes;
  • Convenient to use - you can put it in your pocket and smell it during the day; to take care of sick or elderly family members;
  • Effective: the sniffer allows you to inhale more essential oils than vaporisation; the effect is immediate;
  • It can help during the cold season, when going to gathering places, to ease breathing.
  • Unscrew the snifter and sniff several times a day or as needed;
  • Once the snuff has worn off, you can refill with the essential oil blend "Protective Power"; additional tubes are also available and are placed inside the snuff;
  • Use during the cold season, the changing seasons, freezing temperatures or when you feel "on the verge of getting sick";
  • You can put it in your handbag or rucksack - there is no risk of spillage;
  • Due to the higher content of 1,8 cineol in the mixture, only older children (over 10 years of age) can sniff this snuff at close range;
  • Keep away from small children;
  • Keep tightly closed up to 25 °C;
  • Valid for 3 months after opening.
  • The essential oil blend used in the snuff is not registered as a medicinal product;
  • The essential oil blend used in the scent is not registered as a biocidal product

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