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ANXIETY RELIEVING aromatherapeutic essential oils blend

10,20 €
5 ml
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This essential oil blend is created to help you to ease up anxiety, nervousness, to cool down, relax after a long stressful day and to improve your sleep quality. We chose essential oils with the highest concentration of linalool – a natural chemical compound  which  is a great nervous system relaxant – Corriander seed, True Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Relaxing.

What is this blend for?

  • Neverending everyday worries
  • Nervoussness from being overworked and exhausted
  • Long-term emotional tension, hypersensitivity to casual situations
  • Before important events when the anxiety of waiting kicks in
  • Sudden irritations, situations when it is hard to calm down
  • Sleeplessness, restless mind
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Relaxation, evening rituals, a medium for emotional hygiene.

The star of this blend is a combination of Lavender and Corriander Seed essential oils which are abundant with relaxing, anxiety relieving component linalool (Coriander Seed essential oil has up to 68% of it!).

True Lavender essential oil is one of the most scientifically researched oils for anxiolytic, sedative and sleep quality improving properties. It helps to take away the fears, agitated emotions and thoughts.

Coriander Seed essential oil equally relaxes, reduces nervousness and improves sleep quality. Also it has great neurotonic properties and can help to regain energy if one is exhausted, suitable for everyone who suffers from nervous bellies. The blend is refined with fragrant flowery

Bergamot essential oil which due to its beautiful chemical composition filled with limonene, linalool, linalyl acetate can be a wonderful addition to reduce anxiety, frustration and suppressed emotion.

And all this aromatic synergy is strongly fixed with Patchouli essential oil: grounding, stabilizing, harmonizing. Ideal choice for tired, overworked and for those who lost their confidence in physical closeness because of ongoing anxiety – it is a relaxing aphrodisiac.


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  • Diffuse at home. If you don‘t have a diffuser there are creative ways to use essential oils: put few drops on a wet napkin and place it on a heater, in a bucket of water to mop the floor, on a piece of woolen fabric and leave it on a table, etc
  • Inhale straight from the bottle, from a napkin or an inhaler
  • Put a drop on a scarf or blouse to carry the smell with you, on your bedsheets before sleep
  • Dilute into any carrier oil for skin use, e.g. put 15 drops of this blend into 30ml of almond oil, use as a emotionally relaxing perfume, massage oil.

Corriander seed (Coriandrum sativum), True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Bergamot (Citrus x aurantium ssp. bergamia), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) essential oils.

Suitable for children and adults. For topical skin use dilute the blend up to 1-3% concentration in any carrier oil (we recommend to use our concentration calculator). Keep away from the eyes. Avoid direct sunlight and sunbathing up to 12 hours after application on the skin due to the Bergamot essential oil in the blend. Suitable for dog, horse aromatherapy, not recommended for cats; use with caution if there are cats in the household, use minimum concerntration in diffusers, keep the doors open for cats to leave.

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