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Ghassoul Clay Mask Argiletz

9,40 €
150 g
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This 100% natural brown powder will sublimate your skin and hair. This magic powder is extracted from deposits on the edge of the Atlas Mountains. 

Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and etc. 

As well as trace elements, it is ideal for deep-skin cleansing and purifying. Both the body and the face. Not only will it come to absorb impurities,but it will also bring down dead cells and soften your skin.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Oily/Combination skin
  • Acne and Pimple
  • For Hair.

Ghassoul Clayl washes away all dirt, removes dead cells; the skin remains soft and velvety. Ghassoul mixed with water lifts dirt and excess grease from the surface. The process is conditioned by active positively charged particles cations. Unlike other detergents and cleansers, Ghassoul does not foam, mucous membranes or hair, as it only works on the principle of absorption / absorption.

For body  place a walnut-sized portion of ghassoul in your hand, then gently rub all areas of your body using a circular movement, for a natural exfoliating scrub.

For face  apply a thick layer of ghassoul clay to the entire face, neck and neckline. Leave on for 10 min. Cleanse with lukewarm water. When clay meets water, it takes on new life. To preserve its qualities, moisten it as much as necessary.

For hair, apply the necessary amount of ghassoul to the entire scalp, massage gently, leave on hair while you take a shower, then rinse thoroughly. Ghassoul keeps your hair silky, it also sheathes your hair and gives it volume. Hair is strong and shiny. (Do not use on very dry hair.)

INCI: Ghassoul clay, aqua.

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