Vanilla elixir

Republic of South Africa
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15 ml
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Vanilla pods extract in cold pressed jojoba oil. Intensive care product, substitute for face creams. 

AROMATHERAPEUTIC OILY EXTRACTS - ELIXIRS from flowers or medicinal herbs

These very valuable, phytotherapeutic, aromatherapeutic and cosmetic substances have been in use for ages. Macerations are produced by submerging various plants in oils to slowly extract all active ingredients of the plan. They were especially valued by the 2nd century C.E. doctor Galen of Pergamon, though up to this day macerations still play important role in various industries.

Elixirs are true masterpieces, renowned for their incredible properties and unprecedented purity and perfection of fragrance.
Elixirs have a greater concentration of plant extracts, because process of maceration in jojoba oil lasts up to 40 days, and herbs are swapped almost every day.
Effect. Flowers possess a lot of antioxidants, which reduce aging processes of the skin (due to UV rays, chemicals, stress); these extracts are very useful in skin care for elderly people or city dwellers immaterial of the type of skin.
Aromatic substances in flowers possess aromatherapeutic properties for relaxation, calming not only skin, but the entire body.

  • Maceration in cold pressed oil
  • Unrefined
  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Mature skin.


For intensive care of hair and skin, substituting face or body creams, in massage and aromatherapy. Oily extract's type is selected in accordance with the needs of your body and skin. 


To be used as a substitute for face creams or applied on skin in complicated areas. Use several drops every day, rubbing on moist face, neck and
hands. You may also massage a drop of oil into your plexus or scent your wrists from inside. Perfect for face massages.

Simmondsia chinensis oil, vanilla plantifolia fruit extract. 

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Į Vanilės eliksyrą išilašinu dar po lašą damaskinių rožių ir baltųjų santalų eterinių aliejų - kvapas dieviškas; naudoju viskam - ir veidui, ir dekoltė sričiai ir plaukų galiukams, ir masažui, ir kaip aliejinius kvepalus. Man kvapas asocijuojasi su jaukumu, jausmingumu ir prabanga. Niekada neatsibosta.


Puiki bazė kvepalams. Šiltai apkabinanti egzotika...


Mano favoritas. Tobulas.


Nepakartojama vanilė! Oda šilkinė, siela taip pat..


Fantastiškas kvapas! Dieviškas! Apgaubia, sušildo ir pakylėja :)


Tobulas. Niekada neatsibosta.


Nuostabus kvapas, drėkina, oda lygi, minkšta pasitepus.


Kvapas veda iš proto;) dieviška


Puikus dalykėlis, kartais naudoju vietoj kremo. Kvapas užburiantis!

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