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Frankincense, olibanum hydrolat Boswellia carterii

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The hydrolat is obtained distilling boswellia carterii resin. This is one of rare hydrolats – very valuable due to properties of improving skin elasticity.

Especial. Diffuses clear, pleasant spiritual aroma analogous to smell of frankincense essential oil. The frankincense distilled water ideal before meditations, yoga, during various rituals, working with stones and crystals, for energetic treatments and various practices.

The frankincense water fantastically affects skin, improves its elasticity, smoothes, and reduces wrinkles. Sprinkle it directly on the skin. Spray your face and your neck with the frankincense water and allow to dry off. It ideal for mature, wrinkle-prone skin.

The frankincense water is distinguished by rejuvenating properties, stimulates multiplication of cells, softens the skin and mostly is appreciated due to properties of improving skin elasticity and removing wrinkles. It also heals spotty, impure, and scary skin. May be poured into a bath or shampoo.

Frankincense is distinguished by valuable property to improve respiratory function. Its water is used to deepen and improve breathing, as well as to calm anxious mind. 

Both a plant from which resin is produced and the hydrolat distilled from that resin are called boswellia, or “incense tree”. Boswellias have chutes under the bark, which produce scent resin. Milky resin oozes from tree wounds, hardens in several days and pickers can strip it off.

It is said, that tree wounds heal man‘s. Resins and their products, i. e. waters, balms, oils, ointments, are  the oldest and may be the most efficient means, design to cure skin wounds, ulcers, burns... as well as soul wounds... One of them is boswelia resin – incense, frankincense, the oldest perfume in the world.

For more details about frankincense, its properties and thousand-year-old use history read the article about frankincense resin and essential oil.

Our general recommendations how to use hydrolats

In the morning and evening sprinkle the clean face with hydrolat and then apply any natural high quality cream or non-refined oil blend to the still moist skin.

The hydrolat may be used to moisten and refresh the skin all day, so many times how you want. Not only its valuable materials cherish the skin, but also scent aroma immediately improves your mood, helps to concentrate, and minimizes stress. Hydrolats are indispensable if you spend much time in conditioned room in winter or outside in hot, dry summer.

Use the hydrolat washing yourself, especially if skin sensitively reacts to water-supply water. Pour it to baths, compresses, and clay masks...

You may add the hydrolat to ironing water. Its aroma steam scents ironing with pleasant, subtle smell of pureness. 

  • Organic
  • Sensitive skin
  • Mature skin
  • Acne and Pimple
  • Dilated Capillaries.

Frankincense is said to "heal the wounds of the soul and body". The holistic, aromatherapeutic effects of frankincense resin products are used in cosmetics as firming and wrinkle-reducing ingredients, so that when thoughts and emotions calm down, facial muscles relax and worry lines smooth out.

The fragrant frankincense hydrolat also has these properties and is fantastic for mature, wrinkled skin. It is also used for acne-prone, blotchy, red, dirty and scarred skin. It can be added to a bath or shampoo. It is suitable for rinsing the mouth and has a positive effect on the microflora. 

Frankincense water is very suitable for meditation, yoga, various rituals and practices, working with stones and crystals. For regulating the flow of energy in the body and the breath, for calming a restless mind. 

Natural facial care is unthinkable without hydrolates. They are sprayed on the skin as soothers, tonics or moisturisers. We use hydrolats in the production of ALL our creams, emulsions and shampoos instead of plain water. Using hydrolates for skin care:

  • as a tonic  spritz on the face and allow to dry, do not wipe off; spray on the skin as soon as you feel it needs it: please your face at least a few times a day if you are in air-conditioned rooms, on hot summer days, after sunbathing; allow to soak in and dry by itself.
  • as a moisturiser  spritz your face and apply cream or oil without waiting for it to dry;
  • as a cleanser  wash your face with the hydrolat in the morning, especially if your skin is sensitive to tap water. Spray liberally over the face, wiping with a wet tampon (does not remove make-up); spritz over the face to complete the make-up removal procedure; allow to dry naturally to allow the skin to soak up the plant's wonderful bioactive compounds.
  • there are no restrictions on use;
  • store in a dark, cool place tightly closed;

CAUTION! Temperatures of 0°C and below may be hazardous to the hydrolat. At these temperatures, we recommend that you purchase your hydrolats in store as parcel services cannot always provide optimal conditions for product transport.

  • bottle: glass
  • atomiser: plastic
  • label: plastic PVC

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