Hay absolute Graminaes mix

14,20 €
3 g

Hay absolute, extracted from numerous high mountain grasses of France, pourable in this 50% dilution, displaying a soft, suave, warm, sweet, dry, coumarinic,herbaceous bouquet with a dried fruit/jam-like undertone. As the aroma begins to disperse into the environment from the perfumers strip, one realizes that absolute has fine diffusive power and tenacity with a uniform dryout from top-note to base-note.


  • Perfumery note: middle.

The classic use for hay absolute is in new mown hay compostions but also finds use in amber bases, chypre, high class florals, forest notes, colognes, literary perfumes, tea notes and fougere. Its sweet, suave, herbaceous/fruity undertone is wonderful for rounding off rough edges in transitions between different stages of the aromatic life of many compositions.

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