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Sāmbrāni Dhoop

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For the traditionalist, we offer special sāmbrāni dhupas made from lobān, soft resin from the fibrous boswellia (Indian frankincense/Boswellia serrata) and charcoal powder bait. This is a strongly scented traditional Indian incense.

In Tamil, this resin is called sambrani and in Sanskrit it is called guggul. There are several types of guggul commiphora mukul gugul, salai gugul, etc. These resins are derived from the bark of the same tree, which is botanically called Boswellia serrata. However, in nature, the smell of the resin of even the same fibrous boswellia varies considerably depending on whether the resin was collected in spring or autumn. And if the trees grow further north or south, higher or lower, this also has a significant effect on the smell and properties of the resin. Women used this resin to dry their hair, to make it shiny and, of course, to make it smell wonderful.


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