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Neem oil Azadirachta indica

Republic of South Africa
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30 ml
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Neem seeds accumulate about 25% of the oil. The colour of this natural cold-pressed oil can vary from yellowish brown to dark brown. The aroma is intense, reminiscent of nuts, roasted onions and garlic. The specific odour is due to sulphur compounds. The oil is thick at room temperature due to its high content of palmitic and stearic acids. Like coconut oil, nympho oil melts easily at 25-30 degrees.

In industrial cosmetics, nympho oil is commonly added to skin care products (soaps, shampoos and toothpastes) for its emollient effect. The main role of emollients is to restore the skin's barrier function, improve elasticity and protect against moisture loss.

  • Mature skin
  • Acne and Pimple
  • For Hair
  • Outdoor.

The main distinguishing characteristic of Neem oil is its special composition of the unsaponifiable fraction, which is dominated by terpenoids and limonoids, and its special composition of triglycerides (fatty acids). This abundance of active ingredients makes it particularly recommended for dry, inflamed, itchy and irritated skin. It is an excellent choice for caring for dirty, acne-prone skin.

Several scientific studies have confirmed that nymph oil is an excellent insecticide. It is therefore suitable for use in the manufacture of insect repellents.

Sources of information:

"Modern Cosmetics: Ingredients of Natural Origin", Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač, Dr. Damjan Janeš, 2018

"Aromatherapy for Children", Valerie Ann Worwood, 2018, Two Silences

  • For problematic skin (in creams, emulsions and soaps)
  • Oral care (for gums and oral cavity due to antimicrobial action)
  • Hand and toenails (protects and nourishes dry and thin nails and hair, helps with nail fungus and dandruff)
  • Scalp and hair care (Helps with dandruff on the scalp, protects hair from moisture loss. Helps get rid of scalp parasites.)
  • Insect repellent (Repels parasitic insects from humans and animals. Ideal for combating garden and garden parasites.)

For faster absorption, apply after showering or on wet skin moistened with hydrolates

Several rare cases of contact dermatitis using nymph tree oil have been described in the scientific literature. It is therefore recommended to use it very carefully and in small quantities, preferably mixed with other cosmetic oils.

Pregnant and lactating women and infants are advised not to use pure.

  • bottle: glass
  • stopper: aluminium
  • label: plastic PVC

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