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Neroli elixir

Republic of South Africa
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20 ml
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Neroli flowers extract in cold pressed jojoba oil. Intensive care product, substitute for face creams. 

AROMATHERAPEUTIC OILY EXTRACTS – ELIXIRS from flowers or medicinal herbs

These very valuable, phytotherapeutic, aromatherapeutic and cosmetic substances have been in use for ages. Macerations are produced by submerging various plants in oils to slowly extract all active ingredients of the plan. They were especially valued by the 2nd century C.E. doctor Galen of Pergamon, though up to this day macerations still play important role in various industries.

Elixirs are true masterpieces, renowned for their incredible properties and unprecedented purity and perfection of fragrance.
Elixirs have a greater concentration of plant extracts, because process of maceration in jojoba oil lasts up to 40 days, and herbs are swapped almost every day.
Effect. Flowers possess a lot of antioxidants, which reduce aging processes of the skin (due to UV rays, chemicals, stress); these extracts are very useful in skin care for elderly people or city dwellers immaterial of the type of skin.
Aromatic substances in flowers possess aromatherapeutic properties for relaxation, calming not only skin, but the entire body.

  • Excellent aromatherapy quality - tested in the in-house lab, including GC-MS
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Without preservatives - does not disrupt the microbiota
  • Vegan
  • Maceration in cold pressed oil
  • Palm oil and derivative free
  • Normal skin
  • Oily/Combination skin
  • Acne and Pimple
  • For Hair.

The scent of neroli is calming and reduces fears and anxiety.

Applied to the skin, this elixir lovingly caresses the skin, giving it a feeling of purity and making it as soft as a baby's. By reducing the appearance of pores and redness, neroli oil whitens and brightens the skin. Exfoliated teenage skin is cleansed of impurities, while wrinkled, sensitive and reddened mature skin recovers and becomes younger. The elixir has the ability to gently astringent and reduce inflammation.

For pregnant women and mothers, this oil is an excellent remedy for tension, fear, insomnia and poor appetite.

  • Neroli elixir can be applied both morning and evening, especially if you are tired and overworked, and your mind is spinning with thoughts of the day's events, as it helps you to "digest" the cloudy bustle of the day, and opens up a light, bright space for new, light and joyful thoughts.  For anxiety and stress, massage the solar plexus and feet, and for cramps or indigestion, massage the abdomen. 
  • For daily skin care, a few drops of neroli elixir should be applied to the face, neck and chest, moistened with a hydrolat or water.
  • For a relaxing massage, massage your face or body with the palms of your hands moistened with the elixir. 
  • For hair mask, scalp massage moisten your fingers with the elixir and massage your scalp in a circular motion, leaving it on your hair for a few hours or overnight before washing it off.
  • Apply to dry ends and breathe on hair apply a few drops to the comb and comb through the length of the hair.
  •  Absorbs more quickly when applied to damp skin, so we recommend using on skin that has been moisturised with a hydrating hydrate

Simmondsia chinensis seed oil *, Citrus aurantium amara flower oil, Linalool **, Farnesol **.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil *, Neroli essential oil, Linalool **, Farnesol **.

* – Organic ingredients

** – Present in product as natural component of essential oil

  • There are no restrictions on use;
  • Do not apply close to the eyes, may cause eye and skin irritation;
  • Keep tightly closed in a cool dark place;
  • The amount of oil in the bottle is as indicated on the label, visual quantities may vary due to the design of the bottles. 
  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: aluminium
  • label: plastic PVC

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Laba diena????norėčiau nusipirkti neroli eterini alieju????????


Tobulas, magiškas, užburiantis. užsitepus nuo pat ryto nedingo šypsena, buvo neįmanoma nebūti laimingai. Pažadino mane ir mano sielą, o oda tapo labai švelni, lygi ir minkšta :)


Tobulas aromatas, man jo niekuomet nebus per daug, ačiū!


Labai geras sis produktas. Gerai susigeria, aromatas puikus, o oda svelni ir glotni.. Labai dziaugiuosi


Turiu šiek tiek išsiplėtusias poras, tad norėjau pažiūrėti ar šis aliejus man šiuo klausimu pagelbės, be to, oda šiek tiek beriama. Rezultatas labai labai tenkino, buvau nustebusi, net pastebėjau, kad poros tikrai šiek tiek susitraukė! P.S. Aromatas dieviškas...


Labai malonus kvapas, atpalaiduojantis. Oda jaučiasi ypač švelni iškart pasitepus.


Pirmą kartą šį produktą įsigijau gal prieš 4 metus. Likau sužavėta. Iki šiol nerolio kvapas man pats nuostabiausias.


Puikus produktas, naudoju jau 4 mėn. Labai skaistina oda, pagerina odos būklę, bei atpalaiduoja veido raumenis.


Tiesiog įsimylėjau šį aromatą, apima neapsakomai geras jausmas, juo pasitepus.


Puikus eliksyras!!! Naudoju jau visą pusmetį, bet ne kasdien. Labai pagelbėja kai oda būna šiek tiek paberta, ar papilkėjusi (žiemos metu).