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Vetiver essential oil Chrysopogon zizanioides

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The properties and aroma of Vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) vary depending on where it grows, and the plant itself is native to the paradise land of Sri Lanka and the regions of India that are close to this island. Vetiver is currently grown and distilled in the Caribbean, South-East Asia and other tropical countries.

We have the beautiful scent of Haitian vetiver essential oil, hunted and coveted by perfumers. It is special not only because of its scent, but also because it comes from the NRSC programme (Natural Resources Stewardship Circle), which organises the activities of growers and distillers on the island of Haiti in a 'circle' that benefits not only the farmers and distillers involved, but also the community as a whole, and, of necessity, the natural environment (vetiver roots are an ideal source of protection against erosion of the soil), in a way which is sustainable in every sense. Farmers are paid in advance by our supplier for their ether. 

  • From wild plants
  • For Hair
  • Perfumery note: base.

Cosmetics and aromatherapy

Ointments with vetiver oil are used for sore joints and to strengthen them. 
Vetiver oil is suitable for dry, wrinkled and irritated skin, problem skin and acne.
It tones the glands and can help with estrogen and progesterone imbalances, and regulates menstruation, so it is particularly good to use vetiver oil or hydrolyte during PMS and menopause.
It has a positive effect on arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation; it reduces blood congestion, oedema, varicose veins, and is pleasantly soothing and cooling. 
Some authors suggest that vetiver essential oil may help with post-natal depression.
Nourishing and cooling vetiver oil or water does not only affect the body, but these substances relax a heated, overactive mind and encourage an insecure individual. Vetiver oil seems to fill us with the calm, lulling power of the Earth Mother. For those who are exhausted from over-intellectual activity and those who have lost touch with the body, vetiver restores a healthy sense of self and bridges the gap between matter and Spirit. There is perhaps no other essential oil that helps you to concentrate and focus quickly and well. If you can't overcome distraction, use this oil or vetiver perfume and you will soon feel quite focused. Vetiver oil is also considered to be a good remedy for unexpected fits of anger. 


Vetiver has been used in perfumes for more than a couple of thousand years. Together with patchouli and sandalwood, vetiver makes a wonderful base note for perfume. Many modern compositions are created with vetiver. 

Not all the properties of this product are mentioned here. Unfortunately, due to EU regulation of health claims, we cannot inform you in detail, even if the benefits of this product are scientifically proven.

Used in cosmetic products, aromatherapy and perfumery.  

  • Do not use pure on the skin as it may cause irritation; dilute with vegetable oil or butter; maximum concentration for use on the skin is 15% (R. Tisserand, R. Young "Essential Oil Safety"); use our concentration calculator;
  • Protect the eyes;
  • Effects on pregnant and lactating women are unknown; essential oils should be avoided for the first 3 months of pregnancy and for infants under 3 months of age unless necessary.
  • Despite the high phyto-, aromatherapeutic quality of this oil, the aromatherapy community cannot recommend internal use for therapeutic purposes, but such use is possible if prescribed by a phyto/ aromatherapist;
  • Do not use on cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles (evaporate in small quantities at home or use on your own); do not use on dogs, horses, muzzle, genitals, vaccinate;
  • This essential oil is not registered as a medicinal product;
  • This essential oil is not registered as a biocide;
  • Keep tightly closed in a dark, cool place.

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Nuostabus kvapas! Pagaliau atradau, kokia nata kvepaluose mane taip nuneša... Kai gavus šį aliejų pasitepiau ant rankos, vos nenualpau supratus, kad tai vetiverijų kvapas:))


Nuostabus kvapas! O derinys su bergamote išvis nepakartojamas! Ramina, nusodina, atpalaiduoja! Tačiau norėčiau ir patarimo: kodėl kartais lašinant į garintuvą jis nusėda ir tarsi negaruoja, o ryte atidarius randu kaip prilipusį riebalą ant garintuvo dugno. Tikrai ne visada taip, retkarčiais. Gal priklauso nuo to į šiltesnį ar vėsų vandenį lašinu? Nes būtent šis e.a yralabai tirštas :) Dėkoju.


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