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Bamboo charcoal

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Natural charcoal for incense from bamboo, without chemical additives. Odourless. Burns about 60-90 minutes, leaves about 80% less ash than ordinary charcoal. It is not only important what you burn, but also on what kind of charcoal. Ordinary charcoal is usually saturated with chemical additives to improve tanning, e.g. saltpeter, which adds to the carcinogenicity. They are also smelly and spoil the great smell of incense.

Natural charcoal is harder to light and requires more patience, but it is the only way to make the incense ritual meaningful and create the right atmosphere and energy.

If you are incensing indoors, it is essential to ventilate the room well after incense burning.

Bamboo charcoal:

  • without chemical additives;
  • longer burning (60-90 min);
  • leaving about 80% less ash than traditional charcoal;
  • odorless.
  • gas burners are recommended for tanning;
  • it is recommended to burn outdoors or only in very well-ventilated areas;
  • if indoors, the room must be well ventilated after incense burning.
  • do not use near or on flammable or combustible materials and surfaces;
  • do not use any flammable liquids such as alcohol, petrol, etc. for tanning; dry charcoal is easily ignited without them;
  • do not use in confined spaces without effective ventilation;
  • keep away from children;
  • keep dry.

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