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Roman Chamomile essential oil Chamaemelum nobile sin. Anthemis nobilis

Provence, France
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3 ml
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bot. Chamaemelum nobile All., syn, Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile, Garden Chamomile, Noble Chamomile)

One of the best and most loved calming and relaxing essential oils recommended by aromatherapists, it has a subtle, ultra-rich scent of sweet fruits and apples, as well as slightly bitter and green notes. Roman chamomile is the most widely used name in aromatherapy. 

  • Excellent aromatherapy quality - tested in the in-house lab, including GC-MS
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • For Infants 1-12 month
  • For pregnant
  • Relaxing
  • Perfumery note: middle.
  • has a calming and relaxing effect;
  • helps to improve sleep quality;
  • has a strong odour, which makes it a low-odor, low-volume product;
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil, both alone and blended with cypress and clary sage essential oils, is useful for relieving premenstrual tension and makes menstrual periods more manageable;
  • in classical Chinese medicine, chamomile substances are believed to help the body's qi energy flow more smoothly. Chamomile's ability to regulate the flow of vital energy helps to relax the nerves. This property is useful in combating insomnia; nervous indigestion and nausea;
  • the essential oil of chamomile can help relieve any kind of nervous tension;
  • essential oil of Roman Chamomile soothes tension caused by excessive selfish desires, frustration, resentment and the depression that often follows. Its warm, apple-like scent gives a sense of satisfaction, while its mild bitterness cools with the taste of reality. Chamomile helps to release 'stuck' expectations, calmly acknowledging our own limitations and accepting the help and support of others. It always adds a touch of sunshine to the mood.
  • free of fragrance allergens suitable for sensitive allergy sufferers and children;
  • for anger, irritability, menstrual cramps, abdominal cramps, colic apply one drop of Roman Chamomile essential oil to the solar plexus or lower abdomen. This mild essential oil is also ideal for children;
  • in creams and other cosmetic products, massage mixtures, at a concentration of about 5% or more, depending on the need and purpose;
  • for baths: 3-5 drops in a tablespoon of salt and added to water;
  • for steaming: a few drops in a steamer.  

The essential oil of Roman Chamomile is extremely mild and no contraindications have been identified for aromatherapy.  

Not all the properties and uses of this product are mentioned here. Unfortunately, due to EU regulation of health claims, we cannot inform you in detail, even if the benefits of this product are scientifically proven.


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Roman Chamomile essential oil GCMS batch LOT: CML-UDS-2017/17

Roman Chamomile essential oil GCMS batch LOT CML-BGG-2019/19

  • do not use on fresh skin as it may cause irritation; dilute with vegetable oil or butter;
  • protect eyes;
  • effects on pregnant and lactating women are unknown; essential oils should be avoided for the first 3 months of pregnancy and for infants up to 3 months of age unless necessary.
  • despite the high phyto-, aromatherapeutic quality of this oil, the aromatherapy community cannot recommend internal use for therapeutic purposes, but such use is possible if prescribed by a phyto/ aromatherapist;
  • do not use on cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles (evaporate in small quantities at home or use on your own); do not use on dogs, horses, muzzle, genitals, vaccinate;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a medicine;
  • this essential oil is not registered as a biocide;
  • keep tightly closed in a dark, cool place.
  • bottle: glass
  • cap/dropper: plastic
  • label: paper or plastic PVC

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