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Why are NATURAL scents for the home are so important?

The NATURALITY of fragrances, perfumes, home fragrances is important, not just a pleasure. Because all the scent molecules in the air we breathe enter our lungs and bloodstream, as well as of our children's, our pets'. 

Our health and the health of our children depends greatly on what we breathe. The natural scents of nature (eg. plants) - essential oils - aids to the healthy environment. 

So, let's breathe air that heals, not poisons.

Here below you will find natural interior fragrances created by our perfumers. We offer spray and dropper forms. Dropper type can be used in essential oil vapourisers and diffusers.

What makes our interior fragrances / home fragrances special:

  • 100% natural, vegan, synthetic-free, phthalate-free and free of other substances of concern; we test each batch in our own laboratory!
  • You can easily control the strength and duration of the scent: breathe, spray only when you want and for as long as you want; this is a big advantage compared to scents that are continuously emitted by sticks, which are mostly synthetic
  • you can breathe your home with peace of mind: 100% natural home fragrances, made with only plant ingredients - essential oils, absolutes, extracts, edible spirits, etc.

Kvapų namai is a unique specialised natural fragrance laboratory in Vilnius, where we have been developing and manufacturing since 2007.

<< ...we have always wanted to fill our environment with pleasant scents. Babylonian ziggurats were already filled with scented smoke, Egyptian temples and noblemen's residences were filled with scents, the Greeks sprinkled saffron on the Athenian amphitheatre, and the Romans showered their guests with rose petals or poured them with a shower of roses, soaking pigeons' wings in rose water and letting them circle on the deck ...

<< << ...scents are easily and unconsciously imprinted in our memory from infancy, they are closely linked to moods, they can stir deep, unconscious and sometimes uncontrollable emotions. It is a powerful memory engine that can reach deep into the recesses of our memories and evoke emotions that have been buried there for a long time, and bring back with great force the joy or pain we once experienced...