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Solubol® excipient, emulsifier for essential oils, for preparation of aromatic drinks, baths, mouth fresheners. 

Use product concentrated to consume after a minimal dilution of 20 times. SOLUBOL® allows the incorporation from 20 to 25 % of an essential oil or an essential oil blend. The mixture obtained not being stable, it is necessary to agitate the product before its use (a fraction of essential oil goes back on the surface to more or less long term, at several hours according to its nature).

To make a drink in the form of a stable emulsion, it is enough to put the mixture of essential oil and SOLUBOL® on the bottom of bottle and to add water; or to add some drops directly in herb tea or glass of water. Proportion recommended is 1:4 - essential oil 2 ml : SOLUBOL® 8 ml 

Mix and agitate well before use.

Put 10 drops of this mixture (10 drops of this mixture correspond to approximately 2 pure essential oil drops) in water glass or a herb tea or a soup, according to the recommendations of the essential oil. It is preferable to make the preparation in a bottle or of a higher volume to agitate correctly. The prepared solution being sometimes too thick to pass correctly in certain accounts drops, it is also possible to apply the mode of preparation according to : Essential oil : 2 ml SOLUBOL® : 8 ml Water or hydrolate : 10 ml Mix the whole in a bottle of 25 or 30 ml and agitate before use. 20 drops corresponds to 2 drops of pure essential oil.

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