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BUG BEATER essential oil blend

8,80 €
5 ml
Code: 47763951
  • Excellent aromatherapy quality - tested in the in-house lab, including GC-MS
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants - does not disrupt endocrine system
  • Palm oil and derivative free
  • Air purifier & freshener.

It can help create a cleaner environment and reduce the number of microbes - bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds - in the air, on various surfaces and in the airways.

Can help relieve breathing and nasal congestion.

The molecules of essential oils from medicinal plants not only improve the quality of the air we breathe, but when inhaled, they also help to cleanse the respiratory tract and strengthen the body's immunity. By surrounding ourselves with the scents of Plant essential oils, we experience the therapy of forests and meadows, even if we are far from nature. 

They purify, cleanse and scent the indoor air, providing us with health-enhancing natural aromatic molecules, us, who live in synthetic environments in polluted cities.

Plant essential oils bring Nature's molecules where we lack them and, unlike synthetic fragrances, help to create an anti-stress, calming, bio-friendly environment.

Rest assured about quality: we use only selected pure raw materials of the highest quality, which we check in our own laboratory, not by collecting documents. Our essential oils and all our products are free from contaminants - phthalates, persticides - because we check every batch of raw materials to protect you and your little ones from counterfeits and endocrine disruptors.

For air freshening and purification:

  • The air in your office, showroom, living room can be improved and made more fragrant by diffusing the molecules of this mixture using a diffuser. Vaporise a few drops in 10-30 minute sessions several times a day. If you don't have a vaporiser, put a few drops on a handkerchief and place it on the radiator - the essential oil will diffuse into the environment from the heat.
  • At home, apply the mixture to potpourri, pine cones, textiles and bedding.
  • Vaporising with the AROMAKEY Personal USB Vaporizer will help you create a personal protective sphere around you. Vaporise a few drops in 10-30 minute sessions several times a day.
  • In the car, drip on the mat, on a cone or use the CARSCENT car diffuser.

For inhalation

  • Place 3 drops on a handkerchief and take 5 deep breaths from it; the exhalation should be twice as long as the inhalation; repeat 5 times a day.
  • Alternatively, add the mixture to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam for a few minutes.
  • Or put a few drops on the chest of your clothes so that the vapours reach your nose.

Blend of pure essential oils and CO2 extracts:

  • Ravintsara, Cinamomum camphora, cineol cht
  • Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus, sin. Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Clove bud, Eugenia caryophylus
  • Eucalyptus globulus
  • Lemon peel, Citrus x limonum
  • Cinammon, Cinamommum cassia

Do not use for children <12 years

  • Bottle - glass
  • Dropper cap - plastic
  • Label - PVC plastic

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