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What are aromatherapy blends?

These are blends of one or more pure essential oils with a specific aromatherapeutic effect or dominant property, such as:

  • calming, relieving nervous tension, stress ("Calm heart", "Anxiety Reliever", "Anger Reliever", "Dream Catcher", "Calm Tummy")
  • increases concentration, activates brain activity ('For Drivers', 'Concentration', 'Motivation')
  • reduces microbial contamination, protects against infection, cleanses the respiratory tract ("Bug Beater", "Children's Bug Bugaboo")
  • strengthens immunity, helps to recover ("Forest bathing", "Anykščių šilelis", "Sengirė")

Aromatherapy essential oil blends are developed and produced by our team of specialists, based on the latest aromatherapy recommendations and scientific research. Our blends have a harmonious, high-quality scent because they are made from the highest quality, pure, genuine essential oils that are regularly tested in our laboratory. Phthalate-free, pesticide-free and free of other synthetic impurities or contaminants.

How to use essential oils or blends:

  • sniffed and inhaled personally from a personal vaporizer, sniffer, napkin or sleeve
  • dispersed in the breathable air several times a day in diffusers, pot-pourri, etc.; thus used together for cleaning and/or breathing indoor air
  • in (self-)massages
  • in the bath or shower

Before using essential oils, we recommend that you read the instructions for safe use.