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GUA SHA facial massage stone Rose Quartz set

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The Gua Sha: the essential beauty accessory.

This beauty/massage accessory from traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Its literal translation means "to scratch" (gua) the "evils" (sha).
The Gua Sha is made from natural stone simply cut and polished without chemical treatment. It is a totally natural accessory containing no chemical or harmful substances. Its shape is studied to perfectly fit the lines of the face.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Mature skin.

Contributes to the stimulation of blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues.

  • boosts the radiance of the complexion and gives a healthy glow.
  • helps to decongest, in particular the rings and pockets under the eyes.
  • drains toxins, for a healthier and cleaner skin.
  • helps to smooth and firm the features, for an anti-aging massage.
  • releases tension for a feeling of muscular relaxation.
  • facilitates the absorption of skin care products to promote their benefits.

How to use the Gua Sha ?

Simply clean and dry your skin well. Then apply a serum, an oil or a cream and proceed to massage your face with the Gua Sha. 

A little tip: place the GuaSha in the refrigerator before use for an intense sensation of freshness that will help tighten pores.

Reusable and a linen cover is offered. Roller shade may differ slightly depending on the stone.

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