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Palo Santo wood stick

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Sticks of Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) wood, used to perfume the home by lighting them like incense sticks. It is a wonderfully scented wood from the forests of South America, which has been used since ancient times for various rituals, ceremonies, meditations and simply to perfume spaces with a particularly distinctive, noble scent. 

Palo santo wood differs from other Palo santo wood on the market in that it is sustainably farmed: in the south of Ecuador and in the north of Peru, local people collect dry chalk wood that has been lying for at least 4 years and replant the trees. 

The bark of the Palo Santo trees in this region is reddish-brown and the wood is very fragrant. These trees are considered to be of a higher quality than the pale bark Palo santo trees found in other areas.

Light the corner of the stick, blow in the fire to catch the air and light it. Then extinguish the fire and allow the incense to burn by placing it on a heat-resistant, non-combustible surface with a thick bottom: a special incense burner, a stone, etc. It is important that the wood is incense and not burning. The wand will not smell for long, just a few minutes, but this is quite enough to fill the room with the luxurious aroma of sweet wood. 

Warnings: do not breathe the smoke directly; use only in well-ventilated areas; use with caution if you are sensitive to perfume; keep away from children. Do not use the sticks within one metre of people.

Children have not been abused in the manufacture of sticks. 

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