Our History


Aromata Mirabilia is the largest manufacturer of natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products in Lithuania since 2007. We are the ones followed by other manufacturers in our home market.


We offer a full range of effective natural cosmetics created in our laboratory also exceptional quality essential and cosmetic oils.

Owning the widest range of natural perfumery ingredients - over 500 highest quality botanic aromatic substances- and talented trained team we are the only company in Lithuania that creates natural aromatic compositions and perfumes, as well providing creative and manufacturing services.



All Aromata Mirabilia products are natural, individual, effective and of highest quality, some are vegan and raw, no synthetic even more important, technical additives. Our products are manufactured using cold processess, never exposed to heat, therefore maintain a highest possible concentration of valuable and fragile bioactive substances and vital energy of the plants.


  • Galenian and fresh creams for various skin types
  • Natural balms
  • Exotic oil extracts and elixirs
  • Collection of oil blends
  • Precious flower and meadow distilled waters
  • Original deodorants
  • Rosemary shampoo
  • Botanic soaps
  • Mouth care products
  • Exceptional natural lipsticks
  • Attars- the world’s oldest perfumes
  • Historical perfumes
  • Collection of home fragrances
  • Aroma candles
  • Essential oil blends for sauna and other.


Aromata Mirabilia products are not only aromatic - enriched with original aromatic compositions created by our own perfumers, but also maintain therapeutic qualities of natural bioctive substances.


Our philosophy

Being passionate about plants and botanical products, we refuse using any semi-synthetic, synthetic substitutes, nor ingredients standardized with chemical additives, neither damaging technologies in all our products. In our production processes we are trying to preserve as much of the vital energy of original substances. We are firmly avoiding unnecessary raw materials or products in processing and treatment processes.


We explore, source and carry out research checking the quality of every natural extract in our own laboratory. Expertise and knowledge guarantees the use of high quality raw material, which we choose not by price, but by quality criteria. Aromata Mirabilia sources plant extracts directly from farms - wild and cultivated plant processors - all over the world.

We represent cherishers and experts of substances always prioritizing the quality of raw materials. Aromatherapy is effective and safe, however it is obvious, that if we want to use essential oils directly on skin or internally, we must be absolutely sure that these oils are authentic and of the highest quality, i.e. not blended with any chemicals or some cheap substitutes.


2012 - Aromata Mirabilia became a member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Health and Wellbeing.

2013 – became a recognised member of The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT).



Member since 2013.
International Federation of
Essential Oils and Aroma Trades