Alum deodorant (pressed and polished with a holder)

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120 g

It's simple and ingenious! Amazing and most natural product for your hygiene, it normalizes your sweating and protects from sweat odours - alum stone is natural Earth fossil - potassium alum salt. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • For/after workout .

Deodorizing alum stone is natural and effective:

• potassium alum salt, when dissolved on skin prevents multiplication of bacteria, thus providing perfect and long-lasting protection from odours; 
• unlike antiperspirants, it does not clog sudoriferous glands, therefore toxin removing function of sweat is not interrupted;
• it's odourless, thus can be used by the entire family (men, women, teenagers);
• it's economical - a small stone may last over a year; 
• it's safe - alum is not absorbed by the body, remaining on the surface of skin and is washed off easily; 
• does not stain clothes.

Usage is simple:

After a shower use the stone on wet skin (or wet the stone), rubbing it onto most sweating parts of your body (armpits, feet). A tiny fraction of the alum stone dissolves and covers skin with invisible protective film, neutralizing odour producing bacteria for 24 hours.

Without aluminum chlorine hydrate or chlorine hydroxide, without synthetic materials.

Ingedients INCI: Potassium alum, Aqua

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nusipirkau pabandyti, nes nakčiai po dušo nesinori teptis paprastu kvapniu rutuliniu antipersperantu, o nieko nepasitepus ryte jaučiasi prakaito kvapas. rezultatas nenuvylė, tepuosi ir dienos metu dabar. gaila neišbandžiau anksčiau, kai žindžiau savo dukrytę, super daiktas :)


superinis daiktas, tikrai veikia. Tik jau atsibodo, niekaip negaliu sunaudoti, amžinas

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