Ghassoul, rhassoul, raw

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Natural washer - GHASSOUL clay

It's a wonderful washer-cleanser from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Ghassoul has been used for hundreds of years for body washing, hair washing and hammam (Turkish bath) in Morocco, Tunisia and other Arabian countries. The greatest lovers of ghassoul in Europe are the French.

Washes gently, without lathering or damaging skin. Cleans dirt, excess oil and make-up, cleans skin pores especially well, decreasing pore clogging and pimple formation, sooths burns, and stimulates blood and lymph flow.

Clay powder is mixed with water or a hydrolate into a paste. It may be enriched with unrefined vegetable and/or essential oil. After washing, the paste needs to be washed off the face and skin dried with a towel.
You may complete washing procedure with a spray of a hydrolate and a drop of quality oil.

Recommended for the washing of:

• face - everyday use on mixed, porous, pustular skin; cleansing masks;
• sensitive skin - e.g. washing babies and children (substituting regular soap);
• hair - a non-lathering mix of clay and water acts like natural shampoo, cleaning dirt, dead cells and excess oil from scalp and hair without damaging hair follicles or hair surface (keratin); the procedure balances performance of sebaceous glands. After ghassoul procedure your hair will be resplendent and loose;
• body - masks, compresses, body wraps and SPA treatments.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Organic.

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