Scent of New Vilnius

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10 ml

Odores Vilnensis — like a fragile memory, inspiring quote, and some fragrant wishes from Vilnius.  

Odor Vilnae NovusScent of New Vilnius – woven from the olfactory explorations of new Vilnius – bitterish, slightly excitant smells of asphalt, dust, cars, concrete, paint and laminates entangled with the scents of city parterres, greenery of alleys of trimmed trees, perfume shops, beauty salons, coffee shops, graffiti and the endless variety of scents people wear. The nets of Odor Vilnae Novus have also caught some smoke, tobacco and metal: on the right bank of River Neris – smell of glass and metal from the skyscrapers. A stop by the White Bridge, a place of meet for young people, brought a whiff of fresh aroma of silt, fresh mushrooms and a bitter scent of wet soil, grabbing along the way some clear elements of perfume and espresso. Some hot air balloons getting ready for a flight on the lawn and burning gas amplified these dominating urban scents. The smell of fire soughed by in a split second as something new and dashing, as well as volatile and fragile, abstract and yet thrilling, forcing to dream with trepidation and...breath-in the future yet unknown. 

Scents evoke so many sweet memories.

Odores Vilnensis:

To smell – for the minutes of meditation and reminiscence.
To wear – a few drops on your wrists.
To scent living spaces and items.
To scent real paper letters to friends, business cards, and books.
To scent wallets, gloves, and handkerchiefs. 
Suitable for any other fragrant idea. 

  • 100% natural ingredients.

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Kvapas kurį reikia prisijaukinti! Pirmas tai padarė mano vyras. Kvapas puikiai dera prie šiltų vilnonių švarkų, šaltą žiemą. Ir tai patinka, ne tik mano nosiai , bet ir darbe nevienas teiravosi, koks šių ,,nišinių,, kvepalų pavadinimas !

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