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Experience kit FRAGRANCES FOR HOME 4x10ml

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1 pcs
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Give it a try! Natural (plant) scents - essential oils - ensure a healthy environment when dispersed in the air. These home fragrances are made only from plant ingredients.

In the set:

KITCH 10ml. – Playful lemonade citrus made from exotic white magnolia blossoms, fresh South African lemons with a few hot drops of Indian ginger. Lemons / Magnolias / Ginger / Game

CROWN 10ml. – luxury resins compete for attention with fragrant wood, and exotic spices give the composition spiciness. The sacred francincense of Somalia merges with the mysterious myrrh, the mystical patchouli pursues an elegant tonka, and the graceful French pines catch the eye of Indian cinnamon and cardamom. The royal and magical harmony of scents invites us to believe in a miracle.

MUSIC  10ml. – The passionate blooms of Madagascar's ylang ylang in this perfume fall into a bouquet of freshly bitter African grapefruit and Indian lemongrass, and finally soothe in the warm embrace of Canadian spruce. Close your eyes, inhale and let go of the waves of sensual scent music.

WOOD  10ml. – At the beginning you can feel a light green-bitter-curly note that clarifies the mood. As it fades, a mystical spruce emerges, and the smell of balsamic fir is the clearest and longest, flooding with the pleasant aroma of wood and resin. The note of patchouli begins to rise far and wide - like a cozy soft moss underfoot ...

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Air purifier & freshener.

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