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KAKĖ MAKĖS SCENTS full set for children

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Kake Makė aromatherapy line. Plant essential oils bring Nature's molecules to where we are lacking and, unlike synthetic fragrances, help to create an anti-stress, calming and biologically supportive environment. This is very important for the more sensitive emerging psyche of children. That's why we have developed the Kake Makes Aromatherapy line from 100% natural, premium quality plant materials: essential oils, extracts and hydrolats.

Kakė Makė Big Bugaboo essential oil blend - for indoor air purification, inhalation, "breathing" rooms and clothes and other aromatherapy treatments; highly recommended during the common cold season. A 100% natural blend of pure spruce, lemon, eucalyptus, myrtle ("tea tree") essential oils enrich the air with the freshness of a coniferous forest. It is suitable for purifying and breathing indoor air - at home, in kindergarten groups, in school classrooms or in the sick room. 

Kakė Makė Big Bugaboo Mist- made from wild spruce needle hydrolat and child-safe, laboratory-tested essential oils. Spray in common areas, especially crowded areas, children's rooms, on the floor, on the sleeve of a garment or on the chest area - so that the children and you are surrounded by the aromatherapy molecules of the conifer forest. Suitable for both daytime and evening use before bedtime. The moist mist humidifies the air and the airways, which can make breathing easier, especially when the indoor air is too dry. The essential oils in the mist are not only antimicrobial*, but can also help you fall asleep more soundly. 

Kakė Makė Drops of calming are a blend of pure essential oils for aromatherapy rituals of relaxation, calm and sleep. The scents of real lavender and bergamot essential oils in the blend can help calm fussy, fussy toddlers or anxious adults. And with a few drops on your bed every time you go to bed, you and your children will have a pleasant journey to sweet, colourful dreams...

Kakė Makė Calming Mist is a real lavender hydrolat spray with essential oils for aromatherapy rituals of relaxation, calm and sleep. It will ward off the terrors of twilight and bring sweet dreams. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Palm oil free
  • For children during season change
  • Relaxing.

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