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50 ml
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Indoor purifying and air quality improving spray made from spruce needle hydrolat and essential oils. For aromatherapy treatments, indoor, clothes, bedrooms – especially suitable for the cold season. Easy to use!

Kakė Makė dives into the world of plants and their scents!

  • 100% natural composition
  • Main active ingredients: spruce hydrolat and essential oils
  • For external use only, suitable for adults and children from 1 year
  • Gentle, non-concentrated, fast-diffusing fragrance
  • Contains ethyl alcohol
  • Free from endocrine disrupting phthalates, pesticides and other contaminants or synthetic substitutes

Essential oils bring Nature's molecules to where we are lacking and, unlike synthetic fragrances, help to create an anti-stress, calming, bio-supportive environment. This is very important for the more sensitive emerging psyche of children. That's why we have developed the Kake Makes Aromatherapy line from 100% natural, premium quality plant materials: essential oils, extracts and hydrolats.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Palm oil free
  • Air purifier & freshener
  • For children during season change.

SPRAY consists of: essential oils, Fir hydrolat and alcohol.

Kakė's Makė's „Bugs Bugaboo“ mist  one of the best essential oil blend for changing seasons. It is recommended to use as an air purifier at home, kindergarten classes, workplaces; 


  • blend is diluted with a hydrolat in low concentration, suitable for air freshening in the rooms of our smallest ones;
  • spray the baby carriage, older children’s clothing;
  • can be used as a hand rub in adults;
  • SHAKE WELL before every use. Keep away from the face and eyes. May be irritating used directly on the skin.

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