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A personal sniffer (inhaler) is one of the safest and most effective aromatherapy tools! It can be sniffed several times a day. Young children should do this with the help of an adult, while older children can sniff on their own.

We have scent this inhaleer with our blend  CHILDREN'S BUG BUGABOO, which is perfect for the cold season. Although the mixture is designed to be safe and effective for children, it is really useful for adults too! Plant essential oils bring Nature's molecules to where we are lacking and, unlike synthetic fragrances, help to create an anti-stress, soothing and biologically supportive environment. This is very important for the more sensitive emerging psyche of children.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates.
  • The snuff itself is an extremely safe aromatherapy tool: no risk of spillage, no risk of splashing, no contact with skin and mucous membranes;
  • Convenient to use – you can give a sniff to younger children, put it in the pocket of older ones, take care of sick and elderly family members;
  • Effective: the sniffing effect is greater than that of vaporisation; the effect is immediate;
  • It can help during the cold season, when going to places of gathering, to ease breathing.
  • After unscrewing the snout, it should be sniffed several times a day or as needed;
  • Once the snuff has worn off, you can refill it with the essential oil blend CHILDREN'S BUG BUGABO"; additional tubes are also available and are placed inside the snuff;
  • Use during the cold season, changing seasons, freezing weather or when the household feels "on the verge of getting sick";
  • Can be placed in a handbag, backpack – no risk of spillage.

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