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Natural Shampoo for All Hair Types

10,00 €
250 ml
aluminium bottle w/o pump. Code: 4772072002522
18,20 €
500 ml
aluminium bottle w/o pump. Product is out of stock. Code: 4772072002546
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This natural shampoo with a mild formula cleanses your hair without drying it out. The organic ingredients – barley hydrolat and nettle extract – have beneficial properties that help shine hair, protect the scalp and prevent itching. 

Suitable for all family members from 3 years of age.

97.76% natural ingredients.
13.89% organic ingredients
99.90% plant-based ingredients from organic farms.
Free of sulphates, silicones, synthetic preservatives and flavourings, colours.

OUR shampoos :

- Free of SLS, SLES and other aggressive foaming agents common in mass-produced detergents that dry the hair and scalp and destroy the good microbiota of the scalp;
- The foaming agents in our cleansers are of natural origin, e.g. from coconut fatty acids and glucose preforms. They lather less, but less lather = healthier!
- Shampoos are free of silicones and other synthetic additives that artificially smooth the hair by coating it with a synthetic film (and thus fooling it until the next wash);
- Detergents are rich in natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. E, etc. - they protect the skin and hair from the degreasing effects of suds (even the mildest ones), nourish and condition (e.g. olive and moringa oils, nettle and apple extracts, vegetable glycerin, etc.);
- Instead of a water base, hydrolates, herbal waters that soothe the skin and gently perfume the product (e.g. rosemary, barley jelly);
- No fragrances, dyes and synthetic preservatives which can cause respiratory irritation, skin allergy and general health problems.

Attention: HEAVY FILLING shampoos and gels – much cheaper and less waste!

You can refill your shampoo cheaper in salons:

In your own or our containers (we offer glass or aluminium bottles)
From 10g – try a small amount if you are unsure
Savings of up to 37%

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without phthalates
  • Palm oil free.

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Vita Salapetiene

Komentaruose parašyta daug tiesos :) Šampūnas labai skaniai kvepia. Šampūnas yra gana skystas, todėl, kad būtų patogiau naudoti aš persipyliau į buteliuką su dozatoriumi... Ir man atrodo, kad jis tikrai sausina plaukus. Sunku iššukuoti, kelis kartus nenaudojau papildomų priemonių, tai plaukai pasidarė kaip šiaudai... Dabar po plovimo naudoju aliejus ar kaukę, todėl pakuotę pabaigsiu, bet antros tikrai nepirksiu...


Puikus šampūnas! Labai švariai ir švelniai išplauna plaukus. Išdžiūvę plaukai dar ilgai skaniai kvepia ir atrodo purūs. Tik ilgiems plaukams papildomai tenka naudoti kondicionierių, nes plaunant tik su šampūnu sunkoka iššukuoti. Nepaisant to, kol kas pats geriausias bandytas šampūnas.


Skaniai kvepia, pakankamai gausiai putoja, lengviau šukuojasi nei po rozmarinų šampūno. Tik dozuoti tenka atsargiai dėl per plataus kaklelio tokio skystumo šampūnui.


Plauna gerai ir švelniai, gausiai ir lengvai putoja. Bet po jo turiu naudoti ir kondicionierių, nes plaukai išsiplovus elektrinasi (galvos oda riebi). Minusas - labai skystas, todėl sunku dzuoti.