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100 ml

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100% natural linen and textile spray is excellent for refreshing the scent of bed linen, fabrics, clothing, upholstered furniture and closets. 

Warm citrusy palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) is the king of the bed linen scents. Spray it on your sheets before bedtime and it will provide a delicate aroma to your bedding, ensure cosy warmth, help you relax and allow you to fall into a heavenly slumber reminiscent of childhood. No wonder, then, that palmarosa has been used by Himalayan people for bed mattresses since ancient times. 

Product is out of stock.

Country of origin Lithuania

  • For gift
  • 100% natural ingredients.

This spray can also be used to refresh yoga mats, throw pillows, sofa upholstery, car interior or clothing.

It will add a refreshing citrus aroma to your fabrics and make you and those around you feel happier!

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Patiko :) Nors tai momentinis - neilgai isliekantis kvapas, taciau toks lengvas gaivus, kaip tik tai ko reikia pries miega...


Kai norisi lengvo, saldaus gurkšnio, kvapas tikrai geba grąžinti į vaikystę..

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