First Lithuanian natural lipstick!

This is the first natural lipstick, made in Lithuania.

This lipstick is produced using only natural and healthy raw materials, using only minimal heat and no other processing technologies. Wear this lipstick and your lips will look naturally bright and lively - the colour of the lipstick adapts to any colour of the lips.

Medical herb extracts used in this particular formula, allow our lipsticks to be considered as healing balms as well. Lipstick formula is properly balanced, therefore this lipstick not only adorns, but also pleasantly refreshes, softens, protects and nourishes your lips - just wearing them feels great. 

Aromata Mirabilia lipstick does not contain any preservatives, technological additives or synthetic pigments used in making lipsticks look better. They also do not contain any alcohol extracts or products of animal origin, except for bee wax. So, if they happen to get into your mouth, which is inevitable, they will not cause any harm.

We tried to create a lipstick with very special properties in line with the strife for quality in genuine and natural products of Aromata Mirabilia.

We happily use them ourselves.


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